Some Carnivals

February 15, 2015 admin 0

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Italy, Venezia, Portugal, Torres Vedras or Ovar, some places that immediately we think of when mentioning carnival, but there are many […]


February 10, 2015 admin 0

This vehicle goes through the road… but also flies! The future, continuous technological evolution, namely the environmental friendly ones, will bring more vehicles like this […]

Skydive ballet in Dubai

February 9, 2015 admin 0

These Russians jumped over the artificial islands in the Persian Gulf near Dubai doing a sort of air ballet and catching it with a GoPro! […]

The Vikings live!

January 28, 2015 admin 0

Once again, like every last January tuesday for years, the Up Helly Aa festival in Lerwick, Scottish Shetland. Hundreds of costumed guizers march through the […]

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Magic streets of the world

January 25, 2015 admin 0

The daily work and run makes us not pay attention to the beauty that surrounds us. These streets, however, go beyond all imagination, turning real […]

Underwater sleep

January 15, 2015 admin 0

Taking a trip to beautiful Zanzibar archipelago, Eastern Africa, can provide this kind of magic. In the Pemba island, off the coast of Tanzania, the […]